Summertime, May 2012

by grouperlab

At Purdue, summer starts in May.  Classes end in April; grades were due on May 8.  Jeff (our stalwart STINGRAY student) deposited his PhD dissertation, and I got to “hood” him at Commencement on May 13.   This past week, I presented some of our work at the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference.  Oh, and I also got to see the SpaceX Falcon9 / Dragon launch.  Pretty cool.  


I’ve been accused of working too hard, and not having the ability to have vacations.  Well, that’s probably true.  (I did spend a few hours by the pool in Orlando after the launch and my conference presentations.)  So, what to do?


I’m going out of the country tomorrow.  When I get back, it’s visiting my daughter for her birthday, and taking some time off the grid.  Most of the lab is gone for the summer.  It’s quiet now in GROUPER.  We’ll get back to you in August.